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Monday, July 09, 2007

hot heat/L.A. streets

This will be the first in a regular series I'm calling "hot heat/L.A. streets" - basically mini trend reports on what's hot in my 'hood.

The cheapo Rite Aid canvas slip-on by Fun Steps has been flying sort of under the radar for the last few years, but making pretty steady appearances. This summer, they seem to have hit their peak. Similar in shape to the classic lace up Keds (which are also pretty hot here), these have no laces or zippers, and are generally white, black, navy or tan. Of course, the dirtier the better! H&M also carries a really cute version, a lace-up pointy toed canvas oxford, that I'm coveting in bright red.

They've been a long-time staple of scene kids, with an entry on Urban Dictionary no less!

I've seen them worn effectively with skinny jeans (soooo scene), vintage summer dresses and 70's or 80's high waisted shorts.

They usually run about $5.99, though I did snag a navy blue pair today on sale for $4.99! They're fun to collect and can be easily customized with a little ingenuity using markers, paint, trims, etc.

A peek at my collection (since the maker's site has no examples) including a similar style of the no name vintage variety:

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Hot pink and lace, oh my!

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Yet don't you know the Victoria's?

The better thing is that they give easily his her costumization:

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